Disaster Impact Mapping for the Pacific Region

PacSAFE tool provides a simple but rigorous way to combine data from various sources to provide insights into the likely impacts of future disaster events.


Developed for Disaster Managers

Designed for Non-GIS Users, primarily persons responsible for developing disaster management plans in PIC; and representatives from NGOs working in disaster risk reduction and climate change impact in the region


Multi-Hazard Scenarios

In the context of PacSAFE a hazard is any natural or human caused event or series of events that may negatively impact the population, infrastructure or resources in an area. Some examples of natural hazards implemented: a flood, an earthquake and the resulting ground shaking that is produced by it, a volcano and the resulting lava flow from a volcano, ash fall from a volcano, a tsunami, and tropical cyclones.


QGIS Desktop Plugin

PacSAFE is implemented as a QGIS plugin, an open source GIS Desktop Software; and is based on InaSAFE plugin codebase, developed through AusAID funding for Indonesia.