Pacific Regional Navigation Initiative

The Pacific Regional Navigation Initiative (PRNI) is a project funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) that focuses on navigation related aspects of maritime safety, in particular those necessary to support Pacific Island Countries fulfil their obligations relating to hydrography and nautical charting under UN Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS). The Pacific Community (SPC) has been engaged by NZ MFAT to work with targeted countries to, amongst other objectives, support hydrographic capability building initiatives in conjunction with work being doing by international bodies and development partners.

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Cook Islands (32)

Fiji Islands (32)

French Polynesia (10)

Kiribati (18)

Marshall Islands (23)

Micronesia Fed. St. (17)

Nauru (3)

New Caledonia (4)

Niue (9)

Papua New Guinea (5)

Samoa (8)

Solomon Islands (12)

Tonga (12)

Tuvalu (13)

Vanuatu (25)

For further information contact:
Salesh Kumar
Senior Hydrographic Surveyor
Oceans and Maritime Programme
Geoscience, Energy and Maritime Division (GEM)
Pacific Community (SPC)
[email protected]